Getting roots in popular Indian music and philosophy of life, combined with many other influences. What we will like to explore and share with all…………… Deep beyond of this…… A true meaning of Art is to share Love, energy and life opportunities with all of us. A world in peace may be an illusion still, but we really believe that feeding that possibility makes it a little closer. That’s why, we propose to share more than a show or concerts. The idea is to give an access to a certain knowledge, for a lot people, so that they can get richer from that experience and movement.

Master classes of music, dance and yoga are our priority, for everybody, and for free for schools, humanity groups etc…
Music class is about learning music, lyrics, rhythms, dance and culture to permit people to discover the benefits of creating and expressing art techniques.

Discussions about Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts and schools works can be organised to understand that there are many ways to find peace in yourself and that share to others.

Dance classes are about body-consciousness and cultural expression. We can feel happy and cure a lot of problems in our mind and health if we practice physical activity with inspiration and technique. We propose modern choreographic methods and well-being contemporary.

Mother Teresa used to say : « What I do is a drop in the ocean, but if I didn’t do it, the ocean would be missing that drop »
We think like that and hope we’ll have again many more opportunities to share our love, art & vision around the world.