welcome to Baul Bishwa

Bapi Das Baul, started as a family project. It's essence lies in the roots of Eight Generations the oldest preserve of Baul-sufi music which originated in rural India and Bangladesh.

While staying faithful to the basic elements of the Bauls-sufi music, Bapi did bring in a personal touch by making minor changes to the melody, rhythm and singing in an innovative way. Baul Bishwa immediately became very popular in India. In this paved the way to Baul Biswa's international acclamation. They were then able to familiarize the world to the "Baul's" music and culture.

He is spreading the philosophy of the Baul-sufi, which is simple but real: “Love will make you free and brings joy”. What is this message actually all about? Inside we are all the same, people wanting to love and be loved.